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Adaptation to climate change is a multilevel issue

We live in a changing world. The impacts of climate change will change landscapes and societies – to which degree is up to mankind. Given the disappointing wrangling over a successor agreement to the Kyoto protocol so-far, there is little reason for optimism that the 2°C goal will be met. The conclusion is that we should calculate with a 2°C warming and be prepared to exceed it.

Energy efficiency in Saint Petersburg – impressions from a short visit

When visiting Saint Petersburg, one can immediately see that the city is full of panel houses constructed in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The remaining housing stock consists of pre-war buildings and so called Khrushchyovkas from the 1960s which are brick-buildings with very small flats.

Nice videos on how to save energy at home

Recently the BEF group has finished the international project INTENSE — Intelligent energy saving measures for municipal housing in Central and Eastern Europe, which aimed at triggering comprehensive thinking about energy efficiency in 12 countries from Estonia until Croatia and transferring intelligent energy saving measures for municipal housing from “old” EU Member States to “new” Member Sta

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